Back in the Game:

Update: 15th July 2018.

I am still in the process of refurbishing my fish house. Hopes of this being up and running by Autumn 2018 is looking less likely, more to put right than originally thought. Still Its all part of the Game.

I have now acquired a nice strain of bottom Swords from Italian breeder Cristian Salogni. IKGH standard looks promising for these.

I am still looking to source Short Tailed Strains. I have a few feelers out on these. I am looking for good quality Round & Spade tails. In the following.

½ or ¾  Black Red Round Tails.

Galaxy Round & Spade Claus Osche says he knows of some hoping he can help.

Breeding Focus.

12th Place 2008 IKGH

 European championship Swords Tails.

2nd Place 2009 IKGH

 European championship Guppy Pairs.

1st Place UK 2010

 UK Guppy League Single Male. 5 Best In Show Wins